A Wide Range of Behavioral Neuroscience Jobs

Finding behavioral neuroscience jobs is most often dependent upon the level of education a person has in the field as well as experience in the crossover disciplines of the physiological and psychological sciences. Anyone with an inquisitive mind would do well in this line of work as a good portion of it entails research.

The Focus of Behavioral Neuroscience Jobs

Behavioral neuroscience seeks to understand how brain function affects behavior in organisms. Much of this work is statistical which means that behavioral neuroscience jobs, at any level from a laboratory tech to a PhD. in Neuroscience, would need a strong background in statistics as well as in biology/physiology and psychology. Some jobs are focused primarily on research and statistical observation while others are geared towards treatments and cures.

Behavioral Neuroscience Educators

There is always a need for behavioral neuroscience educators in colleges and universities across the country. Some educators only hold an M.S. in Neuroscience while others have a PhD. The amount of education required to teach this subject is largely dependent upon the standards set forth by the educational institution. However, only a PhD. can teach graduate programs and most high schools and community colleges require at least a M.S. because of the subject matter.

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Research and Development Behavioral Neuroscientists

The senior project leader of a research and development team will almost always need to be a PhD. However, there may be some smaller projects that will allow for the team leader to only hold a Masterís in Science with a specialty in Neuroscience or Behavioral Neuroscience. These jobs can be quite important as many research and development teams are at the front and center of developing cutting edge technology and/or pharmaceuticals for treating neurological disorders. Large teaching universities often employ behavioral neuroscientists to lead research teams, separate from teaching staff and pharmaceutical companies are always in need of PhDs in the field.

Laboratory Technician Behavioral Neuroscience Jobs

Oftentimes a research and development team that is headed by a senior scientist will need one or more laboratory technicians to assist in various levels of the project. Sometimes animals are used that have a close physiology to humans, such as rats and monkeys, and the lab techs are the ones who actually run the tests while the project leader assembles and analyzes the data for extrapolation. The lab technician does a good bit of the work under the supervision of behavioral neuroscientists and is instrumental in gathering observable data but will not be a part of the team that releases findings. Lab technicians may also assist in hospital settings where human subjects are observed for neurological disorders.

Anyone seeking behavioral neuroscience jobs needs to be meticulous in their attention to detail and should have sufficient education for the position. There may be some jobs which require only a Bachelorís degree but those jobs have a much lower pay scale and hold little hope or moving up the ladder. Most behavioral neuroscientists hold a PhD but many also work as assistants during their studies to gain experience in the field. Behavioral neuroscience jobs have a bright future and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the job market is expected to grow faster than average.

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